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Welcome to my blog. This consists primarily of some of my pieces that are published in newspapers and journals. These are primarily on political and electoral issues. I am one of the founding members of the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) which has been working to improve democracy and governance in India since 1999. You can find more information on ADR at http://www.adrindia.org. I am also the founding Chairman of Aajeevika Bureau (www.aajeevika.org) a group that works on migrant labour. I might also comment on broader social issues from time to time, including on education (since I have taught for over 25 years), reservations, and other matters of general interest. Look out…and comment, if you like to. Cheers and all the best!


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How Some States are Subverting the Rule of Law to Drop Criminal Cases Against Politicians

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Modi govt makes second attempt to protect BJP, Congress from prosecution

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Political Party Funding: A Saga of Three Subterfuges in Three Budgets in a Row.

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वन नेशन, वन इलेक्शन: देश के संघीय ढांचे को इकाई ढांचे में बदलने की कोशिश (One Nation, One Election: Desh ke sanghiya dhanche to ikaai danche mein badalne ki koshish)(One Nation, One Election:An attempt to change the federal structure of the country into a unitary structure)

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कितनी उचित ‘एक देश, एक चुनाव’ की सोच?: यह संघीय अवधारणा और स्वस्थ लोक तंत्र के विरुद्ध. (Kitni uchit ‘ek desh, ek chunav’ ki soch?: Yeh sanghiya avdhaarnaa aur swasth Lok Tantra ke viruddh) (How appropriate is the idea of ‘One nation, one election’?: This is against federal structure and healthy democracy)

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The grim arc of Indian politics

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ऐसे बांड में हेरफेर की गुंजाइश ज़्यादा (Aise bond mein her-pher ki gunjaaish zyaadaa) (Greater chance of mischief in such bonds)

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Jaitley’s Electoral Bonds Are Proof That Political Parties Are Sovereign in India and Not the People

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सियासी दलों के हिसाब-किताब का नया उपाय: चुनानी बांड का मायाजाल (Chunaavi dalon ke hisaab-kitaab ka nayaa upaay: chunaavi bond ka maayaajaal) (New way of keeping the accounts of political parties: The rigmarole of Electoral Bonds).

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Much Ado About Nothing: Electoral Bonds and an Unapologetic Lack of Transparency

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